Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Vote for Another Flower

Over the last few days, my sweet wife Lisa has received some beautiful and thoughtful flower arrangements.

The newest flower in the collection is this beautiful Easter Lilly.

It is really beautiful!

As you know, it is the official flower of Easter (I don't know if it is actually official but it is around a lot, so I let's call it official) and a symbol of the hope found in Jesus and validated by the Empty Tomb.  It is a hope that gives confidence to face our eternal future but also gives purpose, power and focus to the present reality we find ourselves.  The life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus is the key event that shapes past, current and future history.  So...Easter is a big deal!

Wanting to share the beauty of the flower with the neighborhood, I had my son read the planting instructions for the beautiful symbol of Easter.  Wow!  This is one fragile flower.  The parameters it demands for planting was a little too delicate for my flowerbeds and most certainly Texas Spring weather conditions.  I guess it will remain safe and protected in the comfort of our controlled, inside-home environment. Can I call for a vote for another flower for the Easter symbol?

Okay, maybe the Easter Lilly should NOT be the symbol of our hope in Jesus.

Our hope in Jesus is in no way delicate and/or fragile!
Our hope in Jesus is able to grow in the most difficult of soil (heart) properties!
Our hope in Jesus is not effected by changing weather (cultural) conditions!
Our hope in Jesus does not disappoint!

I am sorry you will not see the beautiful Easter Lilly in the Fraze yard, but I pray you can see the beauty of the hope we have in Jesus by the way we live our lives.


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