Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tales of a Pleather Couch

Here it is.
My Pleather Couch with its decorative pillows (they came with the purchase)!

There are a lot of times in which I enter my office to find my couch missing.  
Why? do I say this... my couch is really famous around my church.  For those who attend The Hills Church, it has been seen in just about every major video series, promotion and interview over the last five years!  This couch has supported (or should I say provided "support") everything from world missions to this year's Student Ministry Girls' retreat! 

Even though it has an acting background, the real reason I love my Pleather Couch is for the comfort, even in "uncomfortable" conversations, it gives those who visit my office.  
If this couch could speak, it would tell you of...
...heartfelt prayers of repentance over some sin that found it's way into the light.
...the excitement the first time someone "gets" the cross.
...loud laughter over a joke that was shared. changing revelation created while reading God's Word.
...the cuddling engaged couple who will soon be married. 
...honest conversations between young men struggling to remain pure and holy in today's world.
...student ministry staff meetings in which tears where shed over a hurting student and/or family.
...a conversation with a student that needed a "safe place" to rest from and process their crazy day.
...all the quiet and not so quiet moments in which the Lord decided to enter a conversation.

This couch has a bunch of wonderful and not so wonderful tales to tell.  All the ups and downs of life and ministry located in once location--awesome!  

Yes, there are many other locations in which life and ministry collide, but the Pleather Couch location is particularly special. I look at it everyday, coming and going (when it is not out on "acting gig"), and it serves as a reminder of why I do what I do.  As a student minister, I get to enter into some holy awesome and often painful moments with people and share Jesus!  That is an incredible privilege and trust.  

Thank you Jesus for letting me be a part of the powerful ministry with students and the adults who impact their life so deeply!  Oh...and thank you for all the tales my Pleather Couch is able to tell. 


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