Thursday, January 12, 2012

One of "Those" Videos

I want to share a few thoughts on one of "those" videos.  The one that is making a second or third lap around the cyber land circle and is currently drawing attention on my Facebook site.  Check it out (I will wait as you press the button--go ahead--I'll wait).

I think it is an awesome video and I asked my wife, who received it first, to send it my way so I could post it on my page.  Sure it's a video that was produced with a " Bring a Friend to Church" agenda and can be tailor fit to an individual church's context (BTW--This is my favorite of the various Back 2 Church videos) but it is the honesty that grabs my attention--real questions with real answers.

The video produced a couple of thoughts.  One, I really do believe, at the center of each church's heart (name your denomination) is a desire to be the church that communicates the message found in this video!  The message of the video carries the message of the Gospel and Christ's design for his people!  How can Christians want anything else for their church communities?  Well, to be the church in this video means we must acknowledge that life is messy and  make room for the messy people we come in contact with on a daily basis (we all are--Romans 3:23--"messy").  And be messy! And two, I believe we find ourselves in this video.  Whether you have been walking with the Lord for years, sitting in a pew since birth or simply curious about Christianity and have never sat in a church pew, this video demonstrates the level of fellowship you want from God's people!  We want a place where our messy lives can be cleaned up and shaped up for a richer, purposeful, passionate life.  To reach that depth of community takes a level of relational trust that comes from a deep level of trust in which we can share our messy lives openly with the Lord and His people.  And be messy!

So, my hope for all of us Jesus Followers is that we have a Messy 2012 and become more like the Church pitched in the video.

One more thing, a bit of practical advice, spend time reading I Corinthians (a messy church--with a capital "M") and see what Paul's practical advice was for finding unity and healing amid their various messes.

Share:  Anymore practical advice for being a Messy Church in 2012?


  1. It brings to mind that often times we miss the true meaning of what "Church" is. I have thought on more than one occasion, how shallow we must be as His children when we try and make sure we align ourselves or stamp our "pew" card at the appropriate address because afterall, I need to make sure I am in the right building when our blessed savior returns because I don't want to be forgotten!

    I implore you my fellow brothers and sisters, to embrace the fullness of His calling and pursuit upon your life because YOU and I are the church, not a building located on 5th and Main!!!

    Jesus calls us out of the framework of the world, and tells us to be wise and follow His direction and not that of a religion of comfort. Allow yourself to be caught in the grip of His love and along your journy on this pathway of life, do not shy away from that which is messy, but rather embrace it and know with every step you take these words echo in your spirit "Fear not for I am with YOU!"

    Love You Fraze

  2. Steve, I love and miss your passion! Keep it coming. BTW: I will be in Lubbock Tuesday Night speaking at LCU. Blessings Brother!