Monday, October 17, 2011

The Power of Story

I love me some Southwest Airlines.  I know there may be some haters out there, but they are the Fraze Family Preferred Carrier (I did not get paid to write that).   Besides, their magazine often offers up some good food for thought.  October's cover story was exceptional.

The power of story is something that has been hammered into my theological and cultural education and for good reason.  Shared stories are powerful.  According to this Spirit Magazine's cover story (I know...second party sourcing), recent research from Princeton University found that:

     Storytelling, it turns out, unites us on a biological level. Understanding one another connects us,
     literally as human beings.  Even better, it can connect us to ourselves (84).  

You know the truth of the above statement.  We have all experience that moment in an audience when a numb minding speaker tells a story and the audience immediately perks up and pays attention.  Why?  Stories unite, teach, illustrate, direct and energize.  Check out this month's Spirit Magazine at  In the meantime, take seriously the power of storytelling.  You may be surprised how much more your lessons hit home with students.  Oh, for those moments when you are in "lecture mode" with a student ( your own or some other kid).  Those moments are better received when you relate a story (personal if appropriate) that helps explain why you are pulling out "lecture mode."

Happy storytelling! 

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