Wednesday, February 27, 2013

QUICK SET UP INSTRUCTIONS: Information you need before standing in front of your students

QUICK SET UP INSTRUCTIONS are a now common, typically one-page long (with pictures), instruction guide included with new TV's, Computers, Game Consuls and other similar devices.  They are put with the longer, complete instruction manual and designed to provide buyers with the quickest route to product use.  There is certainly a blog topic in why our culture is in such a hurry that we provide such instructions, but that is for another time.   For now, especially if you are about to stand in front of a group of students who are currently arriving at your youth group location, here are a few  Quick Set Up Instructions to keep in mind as you teach:

  • Don't Waste the Student's Time.  Yes, have fun and play the silly games, but tell them something about Jesus and the practical impact He can have on their lives. 
  • Land the Plane.  Student ministers are great with drawing out and encouraging energy.  However, we are not always skilled about bringing our message to an articulate, "do this" type ending.  Be sure your student's leave with something to do, embrace or accept.
  • Have Fun.  Let's face it, not everyone can stand in front of students and speak (or act crazy during an intro activity--anything with Duct Tape is awesome).  You are gifted!  Enjoy the experience.  Your passion and joy will bring increased credibility to your words.
  • Use the Bible.  Remember, the power is in the Word of God NOT a cool illustration or video.

Enjoy your time in front of your students.  They are listening (even when you think they are asleep or texting). 

REQUEST:  List a few of your QUICK SET UP INSTRUCTIONS below. 

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