Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Short Blog: Chillin' with the MS Worship Band

Here is a picture of John Spengler (a big deal and our Student MinistryWorship Leader--check him out @johnwspengler--he plays for big time bands and Food Trucks.  In other words, he is a big deal and has a ministry heart) and me listening in on our MS Band rehearsal.

As we walked in a young lady was singing.  We looked at each other (sorta like this photo) and said, "This girl is awesome!"  As is the custom of most MS Girls, the raw talent was there but at times she seemed unsure and hesitant in the delivery (again, she has a lot of natural ability).  
So...when the song was over...we interrupted and said, "That was awesome!"  Yes, the compliment meant much more coming from THE John Spengler than Dr. Fraze but the impact was the same--She was encouraged!  

So...short generous with the compliments.  These mean a whole lot to a student.  Oh, be sure to compliment students anytime you see something good "off-stage" as well.  You know, a use of manners, sharing, serving, kindness to others, etc.   Compliments, apart from those from a performance, have an even more powerful impact in a student's life.  

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