Wednesday, November 23, 2011


One of my memories of middle school science, other than dissecting frogs (really cool), was the whole Pavlov's Dog, trained response stuff.  I often think of the "salivating dog" when I am in a crowd, a cell phone rings and people reach for their phones because the sound is similar to their current or last ringtone--we have to check because we can't risk missing a text, alert and/or call.  We have become--be honest--"salivating" consumers of connectivity.  Don't get me wrong, I love my phone and appreciate the instant connection it gives with family, friends, job, etc.  But if you ask my kids, even my middle school son, who loves being connected himself, they sometimes hate my phone because I struggle to put it down when in the car or sitting around the house.  Sound familiar to any of you "salivating" consumers?

This is going to be a crazy idea for some of us because we are battling C. C. N. Addiction (Constant Connection Noise (Yes, I admit I just made that up and it's cheesy).  This addiction is marked by an inability to turn off computers, phones, and other types of  i______ (fill in the blank) products for an extended period of time.  C. C.N. can keep relationships at a shallow level and create distance with the people you are sitting/standing next to while reading this blog--especially if the relationship is with your kid.  So here is the idea:  Have an unplugged Thanksgiving Day (and weekend if possible).

"But David, I will die.  I can't go cold turkey." 
Then...go unplugged when the kids are around (or parents teenagers) and give those you love your undivided attention.  You will be so glad you did!  

"But David, how do you know I will be glad?" you say with a snappy return. 

"Because I turned my phone off and it has been great!" I say with loving encouragement. 
You know what?
The world is still spinning.
The economy remains, it remains.
The plates I spin are still spinning.
And, God is still God and I am being reminded that I am not Him.

So, this will be my last Blog until Thanksgiving Weekend is complete so I can focus on those I am most thankful (one of them is trying to jump into my lap now). 

"Now, where is this that off switch?"

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